Geology Now

Although Virginia has a dynamic and fascinating geologic history, it covers hundreds of millions of years. It is important for geologists to study and understand the current surface processes that are changing and shaping our landscape. The natural environment can be influenced by even the slightest changes in our atmosphere, shifts in the biosphere, variations in the hydrosphere, or just by sheer force of gravity.  Natural hazards that pose threats to civilization. Depending on unique geologic conditions hazards can happen swiftly with catastrophic consequences, or they can happen gradually with lasting impact.

Natural disasters have been at the forefront of media coverage in the past few years. They cause people to lose their homes, belongings, and loved ones. It is important to understand the past hazards and to make wise land decisions, so that future generations can better prepare for these events and lessen the threat of natural hazards.

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Landslides and Mass Waste

Toxicity and Contamination